Are you looking for a solid online marketing strategy? With over 12 years of experience in e-commerce marketing, we are familiar with the choices you have to make to achieve online growth in terms of revenue and ROI.

Determine a course together

It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs, and their marketers, to dive headfirst into marketing channels out of sheer enthusiasm. Channels such as Google Ads, the development of their webshop, email marketing and many more. But have you ever considered your distinctiveness, growth strategy, and segmentation? Those who set a clear course, and use data to adjust it accordingly, are those who achieve the best results. At Evoworks we devise online strategies for B2B, B2C and omnichannel.

The importance of online strategy

  • Strategy gives aim; in purchasing and policy as well as marketing
  • Everyone on the same wavelength thanks to a single marketing strategy
  • Save marketing costs through segmentation and market know-how.
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From data to online strategy

When determining an online strategy, we like to take a step back. We collect and analyse all the available data and create an expansive overview of the online market. Subsequently we will make the most important strategic choices together. These choices are translated into a plan of approach for each online marketing channel.

The answer to strategic problems

Subjects that make our hearts beat faster:

  • Devising segmentation strategies
  • Market research into product demand
  • Summarizing the online competitive playing field
  • Analysing internal factors (product range, prices, and many more)
  • Analysing strengths and weaknesses
  • Round tables with our clients
  • Devising realistic and pragmatic plans of approach
  • Concise, honest, and substantiated consultancy

Would you like to find out what we can do for your e-commerce business? Aside from strategic advice we can also take care of the execution of your entire online marketing strategy. View all our e-commerce services. Looking to expand your business abroad to the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, or any other Western European country? Find out what we can do for you here.

The fact that we can develop online strategies which cause extreme revenue growth is something we proved years ago, and continue to prove every day. Do you require a strategic plan, strategic consultancy, or do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to get in touch.


“Market leadership achieved” - Maxifleur

Evoworks became a part of the professionalisation of our webshop early on in the process. The collaboration heavily contributed to our achieving market leadership in our industry within the Benelux. The international expansion is also beginning to bear fruit, in which Evoworks continues to play a key role.

Michael Kamper (Owner), Maxifleur

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