Your successful concept in the Netherlands does not necessarily offer a guarantee in other countries. This is due to cultural differences, different laws, and regulations, language, standards and more. Expanding abroad? We can help you out!

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A successful growth strategy

The current infrastructure makes expansion into larger markets a great growth strategy. However, many entrepreneurs often do not realise that their marketing strategy, which is successful in the Netherlands, can go under ingloriously in other countries. Even if the travel distance is short, the culture in each country is essentially different. This is reflected, for example, in the online search behaviour for your products. In order to guarantee success in a new country, we start with market research. We determine the strategy and determine the tactics for each channel before setting up the marketing channels in a new country.

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By mapping out internal and external factors, we create valuable insights into the online competition and the search query in the country in which you want to expand your webshop. We think about your distinguishing capacity and possible positioning within the new competitive field. Based on this market research, we discuss the marketing budget, the objectives, and the expectations. We then draw up an online strategy and an action plan for each marketing channel. This creates a clear course to take over the new e-commerce market together!

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In addition to a globalisation strategy, we also offer a range of additional services.

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