We continuously switch from online to offline and back. Your customers do this too. As an omnichannel player, you have to be present everywhere at the same time and offer a consistent experience in order to attract and retain new customers. How do you ensure that your marketing channels will strengthen each other?

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Consistant Experiences

The world of retail is undergoing two enormous changes. The dividing line between online and offline is blurring. Wherever your customer is located, a large part of his or her time is spent online and then bought in a physical store. In the meantime, we consult our mobile phones before, during and after a shop visit. That's why you have to be present everywhere at all times. In 2019, you want to ensure that customers experience a seamless experience on all channels.

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A powerful strategy

Evoworks develops powerful omnichannel strategies that focus on your customers. It all starts with the right mindset - but how do you ensure that the entire company gets involved? We set company-wide goals to provide a uniform and seamless customer experience, both organisationally and technically. Our omnichannel approach ensures that everyone - from marketing to technology - is on the same page. This is how we create strategies that ensure happy customers.

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Our services

Besides developing powerful omnichannel strategies, we also offer a range of operational services.

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